Paint system RATIO Aqua, RATIO Classic VOC ready for use > 420 g/l Spreading rate: 260 m²/l at 1 µm Mixing ratio 2 : 1 + 10% 100% by vol. Nason Finishes recommends using a ratio of 8:1/2:4, or 8 parts of Nason base coat to 1/2-part base coat activator to 4 parts base coat reducer. 0 ​​For those that use Nason Automotive Paint Products, having a mixing chart is a must. Combine your materials in a mixing container. • Application in one spraycoat (on vertical surfaces): use 2:1 mixing ratio. Mix to a smooth, homogenous mixture. Clear Coat mixing for base/clear paints: When mixing clear coat again, pretty simple. If you are using Duratec Clear Hi-Gloss Gel Coat Additive, adjust catalyst to 1.75%. Application & Mixing Ratio: 2 parts clear lacquer 1 part 2k hardener and 10% 2k thinner to volume mixed material. Dissolving and mixing shellac flakes Mixing procedure • Determine the “cut” and volume of shellac you plan to mix. Mix with paint, then thin with 4011 Reducer at 5% - 10% per volume. Your container, preferably a mixing pail, should therefore be half paint and half thinner. However many people use regular urethane reducer and have not reported any problems. Allow the seal coat to cure prior to applying the flood coats. Always follow the recommended mixing ratios. 352-91/-50/-216 Spray viscosity DIN 4 at 20°C 4030 Balancing Clear – add to Createx paints at 10% per volume to create an acrylic-urethane paint. Best technique for applying 2k Clear coat over Base coat + flash times etc? 0000006580 00000 n If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. If you don't find what you are looking for here. • Apply using single light coats. POT LIFE @ 77°F (25°C) • When properly covered at 77ºF/25°C, LVBR100 Series Base will maintain a sprayable viscosity indefinitely • With HPC2: two (2) Hours 4. OPTIONAL MIXING RATIO: • Add 1% max. 128 5 1/8 160 6 3/16 192 7 1/4 225 8 1/4+ 1 Quart (32 oz.) 0000003945 00000 n CURE: Scrape off as much of the uncured gel coat as you can. 0000006234 00000 n Undercoats are your primers and sealers. DO NOT use glass or foam mixing cups as the epoxy can dissolve many types of foam materials such as styrofoam. 0000004021 00000 n For all applications below the water line, add #71 Styrene Wax at 5% and mix thoroughly. A Component - Item # 398547 Universal Clear B Component - Item # 395734 Clear Hardener C Component - Item # 391001 Clear Extra Slow Activator To Bake, 2-3 Medium-Full Wct Coats or Until Hiding. Excellent “one ounce reference” for small mixtures. Weight Volume (cumulative qt) ChromaClear® 7900S™ 3 670.6 grams ChromaClear® 7975S™/7985S™/7995S™ 1 912.6 grams Viscosity 15 - 17 seconds in a Zahn #2 (DuPont M-222) cup. Mix the paint and reducer together and stir very well with a stir stick. Mixing: 4 Dimension® 3.5 B/C color+ 1 DLV645 or DLV648 + 1 DR641. Between Coats 10-15 Mut. 0000022891 00000 n 0000001050 00000 n Your clear coat will be slightly more complicated. Only dispense the epoxy resin and hardener into a clean plastic, metal, or unwaxed paper mixing cup. If the paint is not cured when the clear coat is applied, the finish could wrinkle. Mixing Acrylic Urethane (Base Coat Ratio 4:1 Paint/Activator, Clear Coat Ratio 4:1 Paint/Hardener) Base Coat. Step 3 Follow the same mixing ratio for clear coat paint. 0000023127 00000 n With the chromabase the reducer they reccomend you to use basemaker. 0000001832 00000 n • Mixing with 4030 Balancing Clear improves adhesion & mar resistance of cured coating, as well as drying times. Tips for Success Use mixing stick for accurate measurements. Between Coats 5 Min to Bake: 30 Mm. Tips For Working With Epoxy Resin. 0000003229 00000 n d�2�3 ?P��90. Pour a ratio of 4 to 1. Glasurit 923-610E Eco Balance HS Clear Fast Drying VOC . Failure to mix the paint properly can clog your spray gun. Allow to dry at least 3 hours before masking etc. Mix Ratio (by volume): 1:1:0.25 (Base:Curing Solution:Activator) Induction time = 15 minutes. x�b```a``��� Discontinued: SC-67 Clear Water-Based Polyurethane Sealer (2-to-1) Discontinued: SC-67 Pigmented Water-Based Polyurethane Sealer (3-to-1) SC-70 Acrylic Lacquer Sealer %PDF-1.4 %���� 11 27 0000000836 00000 n CLEAN UP • Use Valspar Refinish Reducers listed above (check local regulations) 5. of clear coat for every 1 oz. Mix Ratio/Viscosity Combine the components either by volume or weight and then mix thoroughly. Topcoats being your colors in singles stage to base-coats, as well as your clears. The chromapremier is a different paint system. 0000030992 00000 n 0000002707 00000 n Plan on making 20 percent more clear coat car paint than you will need. Let dry a minimum of 24 hours between coats. It is dry when a fingernail can’t penetrate the coating. ENCLOSED: • Dropper bottle that will yield the exact ratios referenced on this chart when mixing small amounts. Nice even passes building up your gloss finish in layers. Usa Distributor of Genrock and Gen2o. Examples of this type of mixing ratio is best illustrated below on the Reduction Recommendations Chart. Offering speed and versatility, JC830 can be air dried or baked, then buffed with minimal wait time. CAUSE #1: Incorrect mixing ratio was used when combining gel coat and hardener. Part # PBBR-.5 (½ oz dropper) • Mixing cup will give exact measurements for larger volumes in CC and ounce increments. Note: When … 0000003263 00000 n 0000022629 00000 n 13 0 obj<>stream 0000001463 00000 n CLEAR COATS. These charts are also Free to Download, see details at the bottom of the page. Glasurit 923-630 HS Clear Superior Gloss VOC • Recommended times are spec’d with 4030 mixed with paint. Shop-Line ® JC830 2.1 VOC Production Clear is a value-minded clearcoat designed for exceptional performance and throughput on spot and panel repairs. Catalyst (MEPK) Ratios for Gelcoat and Resins Add the MEKP to the Gelcoat before thinning. Stir or shake every 30 minutes. 0000002105 00000 n of HPC2 Activator per sprayable quart for enhanced performance 3. You can use acetone to clean the surface of any residue of uncured gel coat. 0000006855 00000 n Our CLR epoxy resin with CLF Fast Hardener works in a 100:47 mix ratio by weight or a 2:1 volume ratio. You will be using 4 oz. 929-93/-91/-94 Reducer 10% by vol. Awlgrip HDT Clearcoat is designed for spray application only. 0000030571 00000 n Mixing Ratios MBC MR Reducer Indefinite Tinting MBC may be tinted up to 10% with OMNI AU mixing bases Additives None Dry Times Between coats 5 - 10 minutes at 70ºF (21ºC) Air dry Tape: 45 minutes Clear: 20 minutes minimum, 24 hours maximum at 70ºF (21ºC) to clearcoat Properties VOC 526-693 g/l Finish 1™ Ultimate Overall Clearcoat is a high-solids urethane clearcoat designed for overall repairs. Jawel 2K Clear coats are a direct high gloss material, when applied correctly. Lusid Technologies Paint Manufacturer in Salt Lake City UT. Mix them as you would with standard MMP paints. This clearcoat works well in air dry or force dry environments and provides excellent gloss, DOI, leveling, blending and buffing characteristics. Usually depending on the brand you get you have a 4/1 or a 2/1 mixing ratio. Catalyst Chart Volume of Catalyst to Be Used with Polyester Resins Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide-Percent by Weight 1% 1.25% 1.5% 1.75% Resin(1) Volume Drop cc oz Drop cc oz Drop cc oz Drop cc oz 4 ounce 32 1-1/4 1/32 40 1-1/2 3/64 48 1-3/4 1/16 56 2 1/16+ 8 ounce 64 2-1/2 1/16 80 3 3/32 96 3-1/2 1/4 112 4 1/8+ 1 Pint (16 oz.) ADDITIVES • N/A 6. ​Reference page for ​Mixing Nason Automotive Topcoats and Undercoats. Makers of Northstar, Gentec, Lixx, Blackfire Products. Apply a cover coat of 2K Clear leave for 10-15 minutes, depending on conditions. Duratec Clear Hi-Gloss Gel Coat Additive is added at a 1:1 ratio. trailer Follow Inspect the pre-marked mixing container for … 0000023354 00000 n 11 0 obj<> endobj Let’s look at the following example (assume reducer prices are similar): While the competitor’s can price may appear cheaper, it is actually more costly to spray because it requires more paint to make a ready to spray quart due to its 2:1 mix ratio. Thinning Example: 20 drops Gloss Clear 3 drops thinner NO POLY NEEDED. • Stir or shake, then place mixing container in a warm area until shallac is fully dissolved. <<2369ebe0f6fbc740aa2d803257e02535>]>> Intercoat Clear Details This product is specially designed as a protective immediate clearcoat for artwork tapeouts on Shimrin Base Coats to help prevent tape from marking or disorienting the metallic and splitting when topcoated. To ensure that your paint job has so issues during the painting process or sometime after. 0000001255 00000 n Mix thoroughly to ensure that all gel coat is properly catalyzed. So if you have been following along so far I really shouldn’t have to explain this one for you When a mixing ratio is given as a percentage, convert the percentage to a fraction, then think of the fraction as parts solvent/parts paint. 0000030800 00000 n You ... Dupont has a few different clears with a few different mixing ratios. Mission Models Clear Coats are very easy to use. %%EOF Refer to the technical information you sourced earlier to determine the ratios for each coat. We recommend light wet coats at 10-15 PSI. The ratio of base coat paint to reducer will always be 1/1. Pot Life 2 hours at 70°F. 0000019960 00000 n The below charts, include both topcoats and undercoat products. (See chart.) Look on the can, ask your paint supplier or Contact Me and I will get you the information. Most automotive paints require a 4-to-1 ratio, which means four ounces of paint for every one ounce of reducer. 5-10 Min. • Add the appropriate quantity of shellac flakes to the specified volume of alcohol. 0000001127 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n 923-255 Hardener 50% by vol. Once you pour in the acrylic hardener, the chemical reaction will begin to activate the paint. xref Catalyze gel coat with #69 MEKP at 1.5%. 0000003724 00000 n 0000003502 00000 n of acrylic hardener. 0000003099 00000 n Mixing Chart Product Mixing Ratio Spray (Reduction) Base # Converter # Accelerator # Reducer # Surface Preparation # of Coats Practical Coverage Per Gallon Drying Time at 25°C (77°F) Minimum Recoat Time * at 25°C (77°F) Maximum Recoat Time Aluminum at 25°C (77°F) & Steel Fiberglass Gelcoat With Itself Other Product ALEXSEAL® Protective Primers & Surfacers Protective Primer 161 … startxref Correct choice of activator must be made according … Mix ratios matter. Use 12 drops of hardener per ounce of resin; 11 cc of hardener per quart of resin or 40cc of hardener per gallon of resin. The lower viscosity of the clear coat makes it ready to be sprayed. Prior to Clear Coating: Clear Coat (High Solids) 465-00 Select Clear 483-84 Mid or 483-85 Hi Temp Act 441-20, 441-21,441-22 Reducer: 2 Parts 1 Part Up to 20%: 35-40 PSI HVLP 8-10 PSI: 2 Medium Wct Coats: 5-7 Min. Mix your base coat with paint activator and paint thinner or reducer before proceeding. • Do not add reducer or hardener to the Clear Coat. ​Nason Automotive Paint Mixing Ratio Chart, 10-15 Min. Glasurit 923-625 HS Clear Universal VOC .