It was brown and at 7:00 am in morning. Yes! Haven’t seen any since, and that’s been quiet a few years ago. Jaguars in the United States of any color are rare. This was 5 or 6 years ago. Saw one in cow pasture on Leigh Camp Road. Yes, several times when I was growing up. if you hear one scream it will make the hair on you body stand out. Sheila the lion at Noccalula falls park went into heat, she made this deep loud meowing noise. They have always been here, Jimmy Terry, There has never been a confirmed or documented case of a melanistic mountain lion in the United States. The tannish/tawny colored cats are actually Cougars and used to be found throughout the entire U.S. Cougars are never black, though, lacking that gene. Been seen by many folk’s. You will be lucky if you get a picture of one unless get it on a game camera.. Before you chuckle behind hand look yourself in the quite and lone places you will see unbelievably strange and wonderful things, I’ve seen two at different times on about 12 years ago in Clarke co. But one early morning we could see what looked liked a panther crossing a field behind the house, I’ve seen 2 in my time in Russell county Alabama. In early 50’s saw a black one in Baldwin Co. Styx River area. It was black. The night is dark… and full of terrors… But I am a creature of darkness. 5 6.1 "Remotely Pink" 6.2 "I Didn't See That Coming" 6.3 "The Pink Party of One" 7 Ep. My mother was a hunter and told me she saw one out on a friends property who had also claimed to have seen the cat! A master of shadows. Our ancestors had to be resilient when they faced obstacles in daily life, from dealing with pests, medical emergencies, caring for clothing and cleaning shortcuts. I’ve seen a panther on two occasions, one with three babies. They are alive a well.We saw one crossing the road.We live in the Boondocks. Ha-ha. Y’all probably saw one through the bottom of the Jack Daniels bottle, I saw one in Shelby County on 280 just after I crossed the river out of Childersburg Al about 40 years ago they been around a long time. He was so old and arthritic. Once at daylight, leaped across road in front of our car and never touched the ground till it got to other side (little over a one lane road) 2nd time topped a hill in the woods it apparently had been at the edge of the river. I’ve seen heard them in Woodville. This went on every night that whole summer. Mom swore for years she heard one yearly during the summer months back in west mobile co, mid ’60s, said it sounded like a woman screaming, I was just a kid, 7ish, said it must have came thru the area in summers. I have also heard him on several occasions. Near the head of south deer river. One night in September 2015 I heard a very loud scream…. The other side of the ditch is an old overgrown county easement. I’ve seen some and heard several. Dr. Mims had pictures taken on his land also. I’ve heard big Tom bobcat fighting in the woods but I’ve personally never seen panther or man lion BUT I did stay at a Holiday Inn express last night, Kyle Thrower I’ve seen some black Panthers and a big brown cat here at my house. There was a panther spotted around the rock quarry in helena alabama in the 90’s there were reports of it for years, There was also one spotted in Argo, St. Clair Co. Late 70’s. I’ve heard stories of sightings in recent years, though don’t know how many were black panthers. Pink Kahuna A Little Girl bursts into tears when Pink walks at the beach. they are both passed now. Please check your details, and try again. I’ve never seen a panther in real life. I was bout to dial the number… but then I thought no way a woman would scream the exact same sounds over and over! Multiple species never identified before are found here every year. Late at night you could hear it screaming. I hope we do have cougars returning to Alabama, but there’s no evidence to support it. I was very worried for my dogs when they ran after it into the woods! Below is a photo of the farm, where they saw the panther leaping through the field. I saw one in the mid 80’s in the woods near Bayou Sara in Mobile County. A State Game Warden caught two photos of a black panther in Clay County about 2 years ago. very few and far between . The night is dark and full of terrors… The night is dark and full of terrors… The night is dark and full of terrors…. Yes, I read the article. The cougar was on our property. Pike County, near the river off the Shellhorn Rd, circa 1978. Jimmy Terry, I do not rely solely on one source, but I do use sources and not analytic stories. I think they were after my cats. Bears were still there when I moved in 1997. Beautiful animal. If you're a male mountain lion, this is the sweetest sound in the world: a female mountain lion calling for a mate. Relying on sites like outdoor alabama is convienent but do not guarantee all available data. They are on the Degussa property in South Mobile county. Required fields are marked *. All files are available in both Wav and MP3 formats. Yes, Lawrence County Alabama on County Road 434. Older people would tell us it sounds like a woman screaming but louder and more terrifying than a bobcat. That was around 1950 . As a teenager we saw two black panthers at the old Marina at the BB Comer bridge. One sited within the past two months. The misleading headline is the problem, not the article. Nope. How many caves have you visited around Alabama? Not sure but could have been, Yes I remember, the strange screams at night. what does a black panther cry sound like by | Nov 3, 2020 | Uncategorized #BlackPanther is a love letter about blackness, to a world that often ghettoizes it without realizing that it is on black backs that this planet revolves. It’s not about the “last panther” in Alabama. Danny Havard Mr. Danny, my mom and Aunt Carol heard one scream right outside her house on Kali Oka! Saw one in Boligee Al in the 80’s long enough to draw my bow. That was in the 90s. My grandmother said they sounded like a woman screaming. Never saw one though. seen some in Calhoun county in the late 80’s early 90’s. I walked out onto our porch and looked around and out beside our out building were green/gold eyes and it screamed again and ran off. I’ve hunted and been in the woods most of my life. JP Woodyard mountain lions are protected in Alabama. The woods that are no longer were full of wildlife where the Collonade now sits. in early 60,s one behind Little Hurricane Baptist Church. I have been face-to-face with one as I was coming out of my garage in Fairhope Al. MI Poll Challenger Claims She Was Unable to Challenge Ballots Due to Intimidation, Harassment from Several Election Workers Alabama wildlife will not speak about it. Justin Joe please search the internet for a picture of a black panther taken anywhere in the world and post it here. The view from the top of North Mountain Rocks, (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({. Saw one in Coffee County near Antioch Curve in 1998. Where the heck are they? I started hearing a sound like a cat in a fight and also heard dogs barking as they were chasing the animal. The kill was investigated and documented by the then game warden in St. Clair County. They are too rare to find these days. The legend of the Great Dane is si very sad. I’ve seen them in Baldwin county and Escambia county Alabama. Until it noticed me in the window, and it opened its mouth and showed those teeth as it let out that shreik/woman scream, and it was so loud it rattled my ears and made my blood run cold! I saw a Black panther. It was close to winston co line just inside lawrence co off of hwy 33. You could hear the heavy footsteps of the large cat coming up the steps on the porch… Said it would make a loud scream that sounded like a woman screaming. I’ve seen pictures, but I was only a teen when I saw them, before cameras were attached to everyone’s hand. My dad used to talk about hearing them scream while hunting in Tuscaloosa county in the 40’s. Deborah Hastings I used to live in St. Florian. Read the story. My grandmother on my mom’s side told similar stories of the elusive black panther. saw one a couple of years ago in Washington co It was late not for sure exactly what kind it was big brown with a long curled tail. Seen 1 about 1959-60 Brookwood Alabama Some people had said to see3 of them. Matt Thompson ….there have been four verifiable Cougars “on the local news” in the past two years “three of which” were caught on game cameras. I know this is going to stir some people up but, biologicallay a Puma, Panther, Mountain Lion can not be black. Lol. There has only been a bunch of talk. And of course, the last cougar in Alabama would not have been black. *Scrolling to see pictures…Not ‘I’ve seen them!’ Lol. I also saw one about 20 years ago on Hwy 31 North Baldwin County. I saw one in Tuscaloosa County when I was a kid. I believe they travel through this area in early spring. They are in Bullock Co. also guys. This is what foxes actually sound like. As the wagon rolled past the hotel, a finely dressed man came rushing out. On the second or third night, she started getting a response from down in the canyon. You can still hear them scream late at night way deep in the woods close to the river at Coffeeville, Alabama…. Many were seen in the larger cities marching in civil rights demonstrations. It reminded me of mercury when it moves - silky smooth, quiet, leaving no trace. Trying to be a smart butt about street lights…they are at everyone’s house, I know, in the country. I have seen a mountain lion on my property several times and had one walk through my backyard back in early fall last year and I live in Southside (Gadsden) Ala. They’re still here. He ran to the house and excitedly called for Jimmy to come see what he had found. I live in Winston county, I’ve seen them there & in Lawrence County also, both are in North Ala. .. There here in Billingsley, Alabama, I’ve seen them my sister has seen them and they are in Clanton, Alabama too. I have not but spoke to so.some that did back in the early 2000s. The school closed a few years ago because the town was small. Black Panthers are still in Alabama and I hope no one shoots them. By the way, the years I speak of were between 2000 and 2012. I then asked ( because I am from Iowa and newly moved here) “Are there Panthers in Al” ? I saw one in North Florence almost the TN line. Otherwise, we may as well be writing about UFO’s, ghosts or Bigfoot. I saw one in 1978 in the early AM in the Talladega Nat’l Forest N. of Goodwater. A man was convicted of killing one in Troup County Georgia back in 2008. beside me…. We decided to request pictures of any […]. I was in Salem Cemetery in Attala Cty., Ms around 1998 at night with the moon lighting up the cemetery. (The others are the Lion, Tiger, and Jaguar.) No mistaking it for anything else; a big, jet black cat about three feet long and a tail about three feet long. Jason Jackson Reading comprehension COULD be your friend if given a chance! Behold, about 15 yards from my window under the street light, a panther. Lol. I used to live on Sand Mountain. It was standing on the opposite side of the road. Then my daughter and boyfriend were sitting on the back porch the next night and they saw it! 2 were seen by me and others in Brookwood Al. Yes, they are here. Here is a 3 month-old baby milestones chart to give you a glimpse of what’s happened so far and what to look forward to. In big cats, black panthers are actually jaguars or leopards. Saw tracks often nearer there. There are no documented cases of any melanistic panthers. I seen a few in Baldwin County myself. Some say the Hook man from the old Davis mansion used to keep one for a pet but I would probably have to call Bs on that. I think it is good for people to think they are gone because then they will not be looking to kill the panthers! I saw a large- black cat lope across the road SE of Robertsdale Al. Saw one about 10:30 one night around 12 years ago outside city limits of Atmore. Chuck Willis you can’t us al.c om as a reliable media source. One crossed the road in front of me as I was going to my grandmother’s near Smuteye in the early 70’s. They have been around my house for a long time. I haven’t seen a panther though. Black bears too. Panthers or cougars in black phase are intelligent and able to maintain distance from humans. There was a cobra turned loose near Birmingham a few years back, but we don’t have cobras in Alabama. Love this. The responses here are about black panthers—not cougars, pumas, or mountain lions, or juiced up bobcats. me though it was just as you said. Just because no egg head has a picture on google does not mean they don’t exist. They are very quiet, sneaky, and if you blink they’re gone, blending into the environment. As ALREADY STATED, who knows what the gene make up is of these large JET BLACK cats the size of a mountain lion is but that does not mean they don’t exist. Darrell Watson I understand your correctness, but it’s a very common term, kinda like ain’t. In 1978 my cousin and I were at a strippit around a lake called “Brilliant lake” in Marion County, Alabama, he or she was on side wall when we heard something over us, and sure enough there it stood ten feet over us just looking at us we whistled at it for some kid reason and it left. Derek Captain Alexander I am on the Calhoun County Line and I saw one on my property about 10 years ago. Some of my neighbors I have also seen it. They are around Bradford/Morris areas. Both daytime. Why is it so hard to believe people have seen these animals? Come to Columbiana fools. I can see that happening for sure with the way people get terrified and make mistakes but yet there are definitely still panthers in that state as recently as last year. Saw one up close in Monroe County. if they are close to you they sound like a baby crying! That scream woke everyone else in the house up and they came running, and that noise sent the panther running, but for a brief moment I saw my first and so far only panther that was roaming in the wild, but far from what the "experts" say, that was not 30 years ago. I know that scream anywhere.. a few days later i saw one cross the road. Not even a verified footprint or a hair sample. I know what I saw. I was in my room and heard something outside my window. It woke me and my Grandma up out of a dead sleep. I'm Moving Today! We were camping out, it was about two in the morning. It was a man cub! Kasper the panther. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Seen them several time’s. After searching for five days they finally spotted the panther and someone got off a killing shot. My mother lived way back in the woods and was even more country than Loretta Lynn used to tell a story about shooting at Painters trying to get in the house, years later I realized she meant Panther. Alabama ain’t got no panthers or Bigfoot’s. Yes. I saw it. If you read the story, you will see it’s not really about a panther. However the average person in the south uses the term “black panther’ because it is an ingrained term to many residents. Plain, clear, broad daylight, no mistake. There’s a couple reported in the Hueytown/Concord/Oak Grove area. That was 35 years ago. She grew up in the Clanton area. Jakob Burkett how do you have street lights in the country ? In Pink Kahuna, the little girl's crying voice sounds like Baby Kate from Arthur. My heart stopped, it was both scary to see and still at the same time a beautiful sight to see. My children were all in the bed asleep, so I thought it may be a neighbor child and something was wrong. Big cats don’t scream, they roar like lions, i remember people at school told me they would see black panthers in the woods or walking across their yards. I had a black an tan and a blue tick hounds that would run him but never put him up a tree, They are still in the south. The only big cat in North America that can have that color is a jaguar and their maximum range is Texas. My cousin has pic of panther on game camera from year ago. Furthermore I have seen two Cougars/Mountain Lions in Alabama in the past thirty years.