Let’s take a look at some chords and the patterns that they go with. You can see that the chords are all major chords, but they can be other chords also. Here's the best way: Learn what @Caleb has described. Here is a list of what scales you can use over 7th chords. There are excellent, free lessons online at musictheory.net, which will spoon-feed you the necessary information. Chord/Scale Reference Manual By Larry Ross Norred, ASCAP Spell Chords and Chord Scales in Any Key Major Chords Minor Chords Dominant Chords Spell Advanced Scales and Modes in Any Key 54 Common Tone Chord Substitutions for Any Melody Note Frequently Asked Questions Contact Larry at: [email protected] [email protected] Identify a key / mode / scale used in a song from the song's melody or chords. Soloing Scales for Chords in Jazz Improvisation. Some scales are seldom used. The system has been widely used since the 1970s and is "generally accepted in the jazz world today".. An understanding of scales and how they function on guitar can help us gain a deeper understanding of music as a whole. 2nd mode Dorian was built on the 2nd degree of the major scale. So, we grouped the scales to keep results focused. In the introductory section, we identified seven modes.Each mode was built on a degree/note of its parent scale (the major scale in this case). However, the majority of older players used the chord tone/chord arpeggio method. For example, I won’t mention the different kinds of minor pentatonic scales or bebop scales you can use. A simple article on which chords fit together with which scales. By organizing our twelve-note octave into smaller groups of notes, we are able to not only create amazing-sounding melodies, but corresponding chords as well. Start with the lesson on scales and work your way through intervals and chords. Identify chords from given notes. It’s important to note that there are many more scales you can use and super-impose over the chords I’m listing. Knowing how chords and scales relate to each other helps you to find them more easily than if you were not to know their relation. To show this, I will use the C, A, G, E, and D chord forms. The chord-scale system is a method of matching, from a list of possible chords, a list of possible scales. The seven chords you can get from the C major scale this way are C major, D minor, E minor, F major, G7, A minor and B diminished. Because they consist entirely of notes from the C major scale, you can use the C major scale over all of them, and everything will fit. In the Key of C. Major Chords Scale or Mode; CMaj7, CMaj9, C6, C: C Major, C lydian, C Major bebop, C Major6 dim: Chord Scale Finder for Music Composers. Learn how various chords are related to each other. Learn what notes are in given chords or scales. e.g. Scales are what give us the ability to create chords. To determine what chords go with a scale, you can use a reference. Soloing scales from any chord in any one category may be used to improvise a solo for any other chord in that category. The Theory Behind Modal Chord Progressions. This page enables you to analyze chord progressions in order to identify which are the possible underlying musical scales.There are many scales. Taken together, these are the chords that comprise the key of C major.